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About Dr. Chandela's Clinic

Welcome to the Dr. Chandela's Specialized Homoeopathy Clinic. Homeopathy is a vitalist philosophy that interprets diseases and sickness as caused by disturbances in a hypothetical vital force or life force. These disturbances as manifesting themselves as unique symptoms. Homeopathy maintains that the vital force has the ability to react and adapt to internal and external causes.

We have thousands of successful treatment stories for Acute & Chronic Diseases. We have more than 35 years experience for the treatment of Cancer and Renal disease , Male infertility, Asthma, Insomnia, Swine Flu, Hair problems, Beauty problems, Weight increased problems, Obesity, Leucodema, Psoriasis, Autism, etc

Homoeopathy is a gentler form of medicine without side effects. Homoeopathic Medicines are easy to consume, gentle on body & adaptable by all age groups. Unlike some Allopathic medicines which are known to have many side effects, the homoeopathic medicines have virtually no side effects, if given in proper dosage & potency, says

Dr. Jitendra Chandela, Consultant Homoeopathy.