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Introduction Homeopathy

Introduction to Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a 200 years old system of healing commonly used in Europe, India and South America. Based on the principle of "like cures like", Homeopathy recognizes that substances capable of producing symptoms in healthy individuals can treat those same symptoms in people who are sick. Homeopathy deals in restoring greater health on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Homeopathy offers a safe and effective means of restoring and optimizing health as one's deep and profound self-healing capacities are stimulated by remedies corresponding to the state of disease. Through the use of a holistic assessment, the homeopathy works to match one's unique set of symptoms to a specific remedy with similar indications. Awareness is 90% of the cure", and a healing rebound is set in motion: homeopathy ultimately provokes one's deeply innate self-correcting and self-healing potentials, resulting in improved mood, energy and sleep, as well as progressive resolution of particular physical complaints.

Homeopathy The Safe Medicine

Homeopathy is safe and does not have any side effects. This has been known for a long time to the public. But the scientific community would often question this belief. As an answer to the question of the scientific community, an extensive study done by the European Council of Classical Homeopaths has confirmed this belief and with hard proof of the same. ECCH (European Council of Classical Homeopathy) did an extensive research over a period of time about the various aspects of the homeopathic medicines, their preparation, administration and efficacy. The study concluded that when it comes to the production or manufacturing of the homeopathic medicines, they are manufactured in such a manner that they do not contain any toxic matter or any contamination. The specific nature of the medicines themselves and the research that we have considered seems at this stage to support the claim that homeopathic treatment has a very high level of safety, particularly in comparison with conventional medicinal products’.

Homeopathic The Economical Medicines

Although the homeopathic medicines are prepared from different sources like plants, flowers, minerals and animal sources, the method of preparation is similar. While potentising a medicine, a drop of the basic medicine is mixed with 99 drops of alcohol and succussed according to the homeopathic principle of potentisation. The major ingredient that goes into the medicine is that of pure medicine grade alcohol which is not that expensive. A very big advantage of this method is that the cost of the medicine remains well within control and the benefit accrues to the end user or the patient.

At the same time, since the homeopathic treatment is mostly delivered through individual doctors, the infrastructure required is minimal. Ultimately, the cost of this infrastructure too has to be recovered from the end user-the patient. That is why the homeopathic system of medicine is very economical to the patient.

Homeopathy is not Slow

A common perception that people have about Homeopathy is that it is slow to act. In my almost 35 years of clinical dealing with patients, I have heard this umpteen times from people that they think that Homeopathy is slow. Such a belief is often shared by people who come to me for the first time, having been referred to me by one or the other patient of mine who has been cured of some ailment and has immense faith in the homeopathic system as well as my ability. It is therefore necessary to understand some basic things about human body, the body’s immunity or the defence system, the mode of action of homeopathic medicines and the nature of diseases.Homeopathic medicines take a bit time to cure diseases, but it surely do.

Homeopathy strengthen the Immunity

The homeopathic medicines act as an aid to the natural immunity of the body. They help in strengthening the innate healing powers of the body and let the body cure itself. If there are some bacteria or viruses in the body, the homeopathic medicines help in activating and strengthening the various immunity mechanisms that in turn contain the infection on their own.

This is in direct contrast to the allopathic system of medicine, which assumes that the natural immunity of the body has failed to do its duty and needs to be replaced with an artificial defense mechanism. Antibiotics are prescribed indiscriminately, which inherently works on the assumption that the immunity of the body has completely failed to contain the bacteria. Hence some medicines need to be supplied that will go and just kill the bacteria or do the duty in place of the natural healing mechanism of the body. As a corollary, a lot of healthy bacteria are also killed which form the natural fauna of the gut. Also, over a period of time and with frequent or rather indiscriminate use of antibiotics, the bacteria become resistant to these antibiotics. It has often been seen that antibiotics are prescribed even when it is clear that the patient is suffering from a viral disease. Such abuse of antibiotics, instead of strenghening the body’s immunity, leaves it weak and helpless.